Pegasus 2 R4 now showing up after change of hard drive

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Jirka Silander posted this 30 June 2020

TL;DR We changed a hard drive and now Pegasus isn't showing up or shows up read only. 

So we are running a Pegasus 2 R4 in our edit, and it seems someone opened one of the hard drives (Disk 2) while everything was running. after closing the panel, our pegasus said the hard drive didn't work. Since were running on Raid5 we just bought exactly the same drive and let Pegasus do it's magic. 

After rebuilding the drive, Pegasus however does not show up. After about 15 minutes our Mac tells us that it could not repair the drive (We never asked it to) and the drive shows up read only. We moved all the data to another drive

So right now we do not know if the data is really saved (Theres over 5 terabytes of data) and we can just format and start from the begining. Or is it smarter to try and get our Pegasus working again.   

1. Is there a way to get our pegasus to read and write without formating

2. is there a way to check if data was lost with lost hard drive?

3. Can I run a check if there is something else wrong with our other hard drives?


EDIT: Trying to save service report crashes the App. The App is up to date. 

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Ranjith kumar posted this 07 July 2020

Hi Jirka,

If you have backup of data from Pegasus and you get's read only mode in the Pegasus drive, then 

it could be file system issue. So you can go with format of drive or deleting and creating new array

to work with Pegasus drive again.

For Promise utility, check with uninstall and reinstall the Promise utility as per your Mac OS version, download 

the Promise utility from our website.

Please reach us if you need any assistance through


Promise Team

Jirka Silander posted this 15 July 2020

So I changed the offending hard drives, formated and re-installed everything. I also moved the backed up material back to Pegasus. Then I noticed that pegasus was Synchronising. This wasn't a a proplem and I left it overnight. So now in background activities it's saying "Synchronization is not running". Is that normal? Should it be saying something along the lines of Synchronization ready?

Jirka Silander posted this 27 July 2020

Any update on this?