Pegasus 2 R4 not going to sleep

  • Last Post 03 August 2018
Eric Koob posted this 02 August 2018

Whever I put my MacPro to sleep, the R4 usually doesn't go into sleep mode.  It can do one of several things:

1. Cycling continually between going to sleep and then immediately returning to power on and never actually go into sleep mode,

2. or . . . remains in a "on" state but the power button turns orange

3. or . . . occasionally goes to sleep.

In addition, when Shutting the computer, the drive fails to shut down and hungs up the shutdown sequence for the computer.  I have had one minor event when PD2 "Command times out on physical disc" but the system immediately recovered with "Physical disc has been reset".  Whenever I use the Pegasus Utility, the Dashboard shows everything is GREEN.

Any suggestions?

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 03 August 2018

Hi Eric,

Please use the below link to modify the Power saving level in the Pegasus 2 unit.

Also let us know if this is direct connection to the MAC  or is it daisy chained with any other unit in between. 

If the above link does not solve the issue, please register yourself as a user @ and open a case with the service report. We will guide you further.

Thanks !