Pegasus 2 R4 Can I connect two Mac?

  • Last Post 10 June 2024
Les Hall posted this 10 June 2024

I'm trying to connect two Macs with a Pegasus 2 Rr4, a Thunderbolt cable runs from each Mac to the Pegasus, but the raid doesn't mount on either Mac. If I unplug one cable it mounts on the Mac that is still connected to the raid. I thought Thunderbolt allowed daisy-chaining. Or am I doing it wrong?

Thanks, Les

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R P posted this 10 June 2024

Hi Les,

You can't connect a Pegasus to (2) computers, you can only connect it to (1) computer.

You can daisy-chain another thunderbolt device from the other thundebolt port, but not another computer.

If you did manage to connect (2) computers to the storage, you would lose your data shortly after. This is a very bad idea unless the filesystem is a clustered filesystem. VMware's VMfs is a clustered filesystem, you can connect multiple ESXi servers to storage formatted with VMfs, which is designed for this. But common filesystems like HFS+, APFS, NTFS, and ext4 are not clustered filesystems and you should not try connect multiple computers.

Les Hall posted this 10 June 2024

Thanks R P for a prompt, detailed answer. I appreciate it and won't try it again! ;)


R P posted this 10 June 2024

Hi Les,

No problem.

What most do when they need to share storage is to share with SMB. macOS supports this, the storage can be shared from the settings app. Both computers need to be on the same network.