Pegasus 1 R6 won't mount on iMAC

  • Last Post 17 February 2021
Andre Maloney posted this 12 February 2021

My R6 has been chugging along flawlessly until today.

I woke my computer up and there was a notification that there was a new version of the software. I upgraded it and then it said there was a new version of the firmware so I upgraded that and got to the point where restarting the computer is required.

I clicked okay and when the computer rebooted, it installed updates from Apple (which I wasn't expecting). After the computer finally finished all the updating, I logged in and the R6 wasn't mounted.

The real problem is that the hardware isn't showing up if I do a system report and look at the Thunderbolt bus.

I did get driver version R_MacDrv_V6.2.9 and software version Version 4.04.0000.42 (C05) installed.

I'm running OS 10.15.7 (19H524).

Any thoughts on how I might proceed?


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Andre Maloney posted this 14 February 2021

I've made some progress. After resetting the NVRAM and the SMC, the R6 unit now shows up as attached to the Thunderbolt bus.

However, when I run the promiseutil app from a terminal window, it doesn't show up :


Promise Utility

Version: 4.04.0000.42 Build Date: Aug 28, 2020



List available RAID HBAs and Subsystems


Totally 0 HBA(s) and 0 Subsystem(s)



The row with '*' sign refers the current working HBA/Subsystem path

To change the current HBA/Subsystem path, you may use the following command:


  spath -a chgpath -t hba|subsys -p <path #>.


Type help or ? to display all the available commands




Ranjith kumar posted this 15 February 2021

Hi Cheers,

-Have you checked with swapping the Thunderbolt cable at different port of Pegasus and Mac?

-Have you  tried with different Thunderbolt cable?

-Try to delete and re-install the driver for Pegasus

-Please verify the driver is loaded or not at Extensions of sytem report. 

Also you can reach us through creating a web support case id at for quick response.

Thank you,


Promise Tech Support

Andre Maloney posted this 17 February 2021

Hi Ranjith,

I will open a support ticket. 

I just attached the R6 to an old (2011) MacBook Pro and it mounted.