Pegasus 1 HDD spin down options

  • Last Post 08 June 2020
Aaron S posted this 07 June 2020

Hi Promise Technology,

I have a 12TB promise R6 connected to a Mac Mini server using thunderbolt. I was trying to check the power saving settings on the promise R6, enableing HDD idle spin down to increase the life-time of each HDD. The setting doesn't have the options. I only found the supporting info about power management on Promise2 R6. Is there anything to set it for the older model? I tried to use terminal to set the PowerSavingLevel to 3, but the rest stayed the same. Here is the system setting using "ctrl -v"

Thank you,


PowerSavingLevel: 3                    SpindownType: N/A

IdleTimeToParkRwHeads: Never           IdleTimeToLowerRotationSpeed: Never

IdleTimeToSpinDown: Never


SGPIOBackPlane: Default/Generic (0)    SASReadyLED: Off

SpinUpDelay: 0 millisecond             PowerManagement: Enable




Ranjith kumar posted this 08 June 2020

Hi Aaron,

Kindly verify below kb link to enable or disable the power management:

If you still have an issue, then kindly reach us through

Thank you,