Peg R4-no failures, no red lights but no work

  • Last Post 29 August 2019
Jeff Erwin posted this 25 August 2019

My Pegasus R4, 4x2TB drives has been working for years.  Now it won't appear in the Mac Finder.  ALl lights are blue but the lowest light on the bottom drive flickers constantly and the blue 'link' shaped light on the left side blinks as well.


In the Promise utility all status lights are green in every category, but I get timeout errors and things like "Failed to start Media Partol.  Canoot connect to web server.  Please try again later'.  Internet connection is fine.


I just updared both my Pegasus driver and the firmware on the box.


When I press and hold the power button, it stays blue.  I cannot turn the unit off other than unplugging it.

When I turn it all back on after unplugging it the drive lights are all bule and the lowest one on the bottom drive is not flickering.  The 'link' light on the left side is flickering.  In PROMISE the event list is clear of any abnormal events other than the 'abnormal shutdown' from unplugging the device.


In the NVRAM events log I am getting 'Command times out on physical disk' on PD4, the one that has the flickering blue light.


In the background activities, the Redundancy Check is running and stuck at 35%.  I cannot stop it.  I get 'Failure to stop redundanty check.  Operation failed. Usually due to some system error.'


Anyone have any clues here?  If a drive was bad it seems like I would see it somewhere.  Clearly something is going on with PD4 because of the flickering blue activity light, but no errors anywhere.



Wendy Wei posted this 29 August 2019

Hi Jeff,

From the symptom you described, please send us Pegasus service report to our support system at  This report can be obtain on Promise Utility -> Subsystem Information > Send Service Report.


Promise Support Team