NS4600 Windows service won't start

  • Last Post 09 June 2021
Chris OLoughlin posted this 08 June 2021

This NAS has suddenly started refusing Windows based connections.  I can navigate to the webconsole via the IP address and all logs and RAID setups look fine.  I can go to the web file manager and see all the data, but I can't get any windows based PC to connect to the NAS.  The Windows service on the NAS appears to be switched off and on trying to turn it on I'm told the service has started, but then it instantly turns itself off.  SMB client v1 is turned on for the PCs trying to connect.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?  2x drives are setup in mirror RAID.  Can i just pull a drive out and plug it in to an older 2 bay Promise Msartstor NAS?

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Gautham Sakthi posted this 09 June 2021

Hello Chris,

Kindly create a web support ticket by logging into support.promise.com to check and assist you further.

We may need to check with Windows Compatability and yes you can try swapping the drive into the older Smartstor and check.



Chris OLoughlin posted this 09 June 2021

Thanks Gautham, A Web support ticket was created and I was told someone would be in direct contact with me and the issue would be sorted a week ago.  Now I've been told it is a legacy product with no support.  I've even offered to pay for out of warranty support.  After only buying multiple Promise products for the last 15 years I'm not particularly happy.  I'm thinking that I could maybe pull the drives out and reset the Smartstor and then add drives back in and hopefully all will be OK -but I don't want to stuff things up.  I've even asked what Promise product is my upgrade path and have had now help from support.  Regardless, I'll have to replace this unit with another NAS unless i get some help and advice pretty quickly, and it's looking like I won't be replacing with a Promise product.

Gautham Sakthi posted this 09 June 2021

 Thank you for the update Chris, kindly check the support case id for further updates.