Hi there! I'm experiencing some weird situation with SmartStor NS4300N. That's a quite old but pretty good NAS which I still use on a daily basis. 


I've got two NS4300N and one NS2300N (which is in fact NS4300N but with only two bays). Let's number those NS4300N NAS1 and NAS2 for short.


I've created RAID1 on NAS1 which is healthy and I can create shares and access them it's no problem.


But if I place the drives from NAS1 to NAS2, although I can see RAID1 on those drives, I can't create shares as I'm getting an error saying that filysystem is corrupted.


When I place those drives back to NAS1 everying is fine - drive's healthy, filesysytem is OK and I'm able to create shares.


The same situation happening if I create RAID1 using those drives on NAS2 - filesystem's okay, I'm able to create shares, but when I place those drives in NAS1 it says that filesystem is corrupted.


The same happening on NS2300N - RAID1 created either on NAS1 or NAS2 has corrupted filesystem, while putting drives back to the NAS on which that RAID1 has been created helps to ged rid of the issue.


All the NAS has got the latest firmware.


Can somebody please shed some light on what's happening?