NS4300 Dead. How can I get my data off the raid 5?

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Joe Ondrejik posted this 13 October 2017

My NS4300 SmartStor NAS is dead and will not boot.  I've taken the drives out and reseated them.   I've pushed the power button but get nothing.  I've unplugged the NAS and then plugged back in.   I can see the green light on the power button but it is very faint.   I can feel the fan working in the back but the box will not do anything.   I assume it is dead or needs a power supply.

My question is can I take the drives out of the dead NAS and put them into another NAS and have it boot so I can see the data?   If that is possible what NAS box will work?    If not possible, how can I get my data off the drives of a dead NAS?

This is for the NS4300N.


Thanks for any help and guidance

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Hariprasad Velmurugan posted this 13 October 2017

Yes its possible to move the existing drives to refurbished NS4300 unit to recover the data.

Please follow the below steps to recover the data

1. Click the Administration topic and choose the RAID & File System icon to expand the Tree.
2. In the Tree, click the RAID Management icon.
3. Click the Recover tab.
4. On the Recover tab, click the option button beside the invalid RAID Volume.
5. Click the OK button.

The SmartStor will reboot itself to update its configuration and recognize the RAID Volume.


Samar Antoun posted this 06 June 2020

Rebuilding a RAID 5 array is necessary in cases where one disk of the RAID 5 array stops working, even if it does so temporarily. Of course, that is only one drive; you can work well and not notice any kind of data loss.