NS2300N Firmware Downgrade

  • Last Post 15 October 2019
playa playa posted this 11 August 2019

Hello! I need your advice: I accidentally upgraded my NS2300N directly to 01.05.0000.12 and now it can't be accessed by Smart Navi, only by browser interface. I must find a way to downgrade to  V1.05.0000.09. Please help!!! It's a year since I've been searching forums and all sort of solutions. Also I would like to know the Safe Mode procedure.

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,


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PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 14 October 2019

Hi Playa,

A few years ago I tried downgrading the firmware in an NS4300, it still booted and the data was accessible, but it could not be managed at all. Firmware downgrades are not without risk. 

We have a KB for safe mode with the NS4600 and I'm pretty sure the NS4300 procedure is the same.


In my experience, this may not work. The problem is that safe mode creates a ramdisk sized for the original firmware files, the latest firmware files are larger, and in my experience they were too large to fit in the ramdisk. If this is the case you won't be able to change the firmware, so you can just reboot and be back where you were.

But if you wish you can give it a try. 

PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 15 October 2019

Hi Playa,

Update, I have located the unit I unsuccessfully  attempted to downgrade the firmware with and it is not an NS4300, it's an NS4600. So I don't know if the safe mode firmware update works with the NS4300 or not.