no R4 beyond macOS 10.11 ??

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nicolas horne posted this 6 days ago

it says in the 1.17 compatibility list that trhe R4 doesn't support macOSes beyond 10.11.3?

and no mac later than 2012??

and no HDDs larger than 4TB???

i bought m y R4 in 2012, so are customers of pegasuses supposed to keep their RAID only with machines bought the same year?

sounds very unreasonable.

what is your advice for how to use it, - i need it for backups. would be super to have some 8TB drives in there for example.

Ranjith kumar posted this 3 days ago

Hi Nicolas,

Pegasus1 series works on latest Mac OS 10.15 also, so it will work with your Mac system. 

We have the compatibility list where unit was tested with Mac system, since it's moved to legacy unit, so there is

no further update. For drive, Promise have tested upto 4TB of drives only with this model.


Promise Team