NFS & VESS R2600tiD

  • Last Post 20 October 2017
Niki Bokan posted this 20 October 2017


Having problem to connect to my VESS R2600tiD over NFS.

Created Shared Disk and checked NFS, No Root Squash, no allowed addresses (should be all, even tried with some addresses, scopes), enabled NFS in Protocols with default settings.

Created two portals one on 10Gb and one on 1Gb interface, no other portals for NAS. Ports that are included in portals for NAS are excluded for iSCSI. Both have links and ping works fine.

I can do SMB/AFP on both from any of my computers but no NFS?!? I've tested on Linux, macOS, esxi

What am I missing?

Dinesh Kannusamy posted this 20 October 2017

Hi Niki, 

Please contact Promise Tech support for further assistance on this or reach out through support case at