I've recently had 'Bad sector is found on physical disk' event (0x000D000F) on Device PD 3.

It's got me worried, and so I want to source a replacement drive as soon as possible so I can clean up the whole drive.

Aside from the fact I have no idea of the procedure - I figure I'll look at the manual - I'm unable to find the exact model of Seagate Barracude that the R8 shipped with, and which is currently filling the array (ST3000DM001-1ER1)

I've done some googling - as you do - and have found that this model of Seagate Barracuda is actually prone to failure at a higher rate than usual. I assume this is why Promise have moved toward Toshiba for the Pegasus3 series...

My question is - does ANYONE have any idea if I can use the new (hopefully better quality) Seagate Barracuda (ST3000LM024) ??? I can't source the old one, and would prefer to replace with a better and suitable drive if I can.

Any help as quick as possible would be greatly appreciated - total newbie with replacing drives (6 years since my last drive failure)

Thanks. Thomas.