My devices do not recognize apollo

  • Last Post 28 June 2018
Roger Romero posted this 27 June 2018

I have an apollo 1 (because i know there is a second version).

The problem is:

None of my devices detect the apollo. I try with different laptops, try with different iphones, but none could detect the apollo. 

It should be noted that the divices are connected in the same network as the apollo.

I think the problem is on the ethernet conection from the apollo.

Looking for a solution on the internet. I discovered that if i want my apollo works properly , the green light and the withe light, from the apollo device,  must be on at the same time.

That does not happen on my device. Just turn on the white light steadily.

To cover all the solutions, i change the apollo cable (that comes with the device) for a cable that i have.

But the same thing keeps hapening.

I want to mention that my router works propetly , if i conect another device it works correctly. 

Please i need a solution to start working.

tank you


Raghuraman Kannan posted this 28 June 2018

Hi Roger,

What is the light status on the Apollo ?

Is this the first time setup ?

Have you tried installing the latest version of the Apollo Cloud App ?

If you still have problems, please visit and open a case with your Apollo unit Serial Number, Key and the email address you have used with the Apollo.

We will help you further.

Thanks !