Move Drives from Pegasus to Pegasus32

  • Last Post 04 May 2022
Christopher Lawrence posted this 04 May 2022

I've had my Pegasus R6 running for years. I successfully upgraded the drives to WD Red 6TB and it ran like this for awhile.

I had some water damage on a table where the unit was sitting and I appeared to loose my thunderbolt access. The unit powers up all blue- but no access.

I'm thinking about a new Pegasus32 R6 and would like to move the drives which appear to run fine. Is there any other utilities I can run to see if the unit is actually working?


Gautham Sakthi posted this 04 May 2022

Hello Christopher,

Without the drives connect the unit and then launch Promise Utility to check if you can access the unit. If you can access the unit its fine, if not then you could try changing thunderbolt cable and swap ports. If none works it is highly possible that the chassis has failed.

I would also recommend you to login to with your registered email and create a web support ticket so we can check further on this and assist you.