Mount R6 on Desktop

  • Last Post 15 June 2020
Michael Upham posted this 09 June 2020

MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra. I have recently upgraded my Pegasus R6 from 6 x 2TB drives to 6 x 3TB and still using RAID5. I subsequently expanded the the logical drive from 10TB to 12TB and created a new logical drive of 3TB for my Time Machine backups. The new logical drive, when mounted, displays correctly on my desktop but the original logical drive still shows as 10TB despite everything showing correctly within the Promise Utility.

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Michael Upham posted this 12 June 2020

Using disk utility on my iMac the drive appears as below

I have tried using partition to change the disk size and remove free space several times but I get the following error message

R P posted this 15 June 2020

Hi Michael,

Unfortunatly, it appears that the HFS+ disk label contains the size of the drive and even if you do expand an LD, macOS won't be able to see or use the extra space in the logical drive.

MacOS will allow you to expand a partition on an existing disk if there's space available, but this won't work if you try and expand a partition to larger than the size of the original LD.

The only solution is to backup your data, create new LUN(s), use diskutil to put a new filesystem in it and copy your data back.