Mapping Pegasus R6 to Promise Utility on a VM

  • Last Post 08 October 2023
Patrick Knapp posted this 11 March 2020

I'm running VMware ESXi 6.0u3 on a 2013 MacPro6,1 (Trashcan).  My Pegasus R6 is plugged into it, and I got it working in ESXi and the VMs using an old Promise scsi-stex VIB driver.  My only snag is that I cannot manage the Pegasus unit with the Promise Utility in this arrangement, because ESXi does not pass through any more than an external disk.  Anybody have insight on how the Pegasus communicates over Thunderbolt with the Promise Utility?  How do I map the Pegasus R6 through ESXi to a specific VM where I can manage it using the Promise Utility (in a MacOS VM, of course)?  I see some references to port 8080...

Thanks for any help.

**Update 7/21/20**--OK, so ESXi just sees Thunderbolt as another PCIe bus using that old scsi/stex driver.  Port 8080 communications over Thunderbolt DAS don't translate.  Currently experimenting with a SanLink2 workflow.


Nick Kay posted this 08 October 2023

You can always use the serial port on the back of the box and run a usb to serial into a VM and manage it that way