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Robert Kahn posted this 4 weeks ago

Im moving from Mac to Windows.  I currently own a R2-4.  Have 3 drives on on board, a system drive for applications, a small project drive and a cache drive and am going to use the Promise as my heavy video editing drive.  Will MacDrive or Paragon HFS work or do I need to swap out the drives or reformat (after backing up data of course). Do I need to install a driver for Windows 10 newest release.  Im assuming a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter from Apple will connect.


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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Robert,

Yes, you have to install the driver for the Windows 10. Apple Thudnerbolt 3 to 2 adapter will also work with Windows.

The best way is to backup the data when connected to MAC and then delete the array . Then you  can connect the Peagsus  to the Windows, and create new array and move the data into it.

Thanks !

Robert Kahn posted this 2 weeks ago

Im ready to set up. Two questions.  Is the array set up in the Pegasus Box Bios or on the disks,  or in the OS.  In otherwords could I just swap out the mac disks for new windows disks before booting up?  Then, where can I find the instructions for how to set up the array.?