Mac Pro Trashcan + SANLink2 E2002p

  • Last Post 27 September 2020
Brian Bisbee posted this 04 October 2019


I am in need of some assistance in troubleshooting an issue I am having.

We have a Mac Pro Trashcan (Late 2013) running Mojave 10.14.6 that we have the SANLink2 connected to. On reboot and every few days, we will lose network connectivity for the interfaces that are on the SANLink. On reboot, after MacOS has started, we have to unplug the thunderbolt cable from the SANLink Adapter and plug it back in for connectivity to work, otherwise the system will run for a day or 2 before needing to be rebooted. 

Supporting MacOS is not my forte and I have no idea where to begin to troubleshoot.

The Driver we are using is 1.8.2.




Ryan Sk posted this 27 September 2020

Modern Displays with multiple ports are sometimes busy scanning the other ports, looking for an input, and miss the query from the Mac. They need to pay attention to the port you are actually using, or they will miss the query.


Some displays have On-Screen Display settings that can be used to tell the display a computer is attached on a certain port, or a certain port should be highest priority. Changing those may make your display more responsive.