M4 shipping yet?

  • Last Post 25 July 2023
ron Brinkmann posted this 12 July 2023

This was announced quite some time ago but I can't find anyplace that's selling it. Is it not shipping yet? Any update on when?

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R P posted this 12 July 2023

Hi Ron,

The Pegasus M4 is shipping. For some reason the Pegasus M4 is not on the Apple Store, but if you contact sales@promise.com they can put you in touch with the nearest reseller.

ron Brinkmann posted this 12 July 2023

Ah, ok thanks. I guess they don't want to make it _too_ easy for people to give them money :)


David Soo posted this 25 July 2023

I didn't find it advertised heavily but it is shipping. I just received mine from Blue Ally!