M1 Drivers for SANLink 2 8Gb &16Gb and SANLink 3 F2 are available for download on the support page.

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R P posted this 04 January 2021

The SANLink driver Service Release 3.0.10 which supports both Intel and M1 Big Sur is availbale for download on the support page.

For the SANLink 2 8Gb and 16Gb you can download the driver from this link...

For the SANLink3 F2...

Please follow the included install guide.

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Farish Media posted this 14 January 2021

Any update for the 10Gb? 🤞


Farish Media posted this 16 January 2021

Any idea when we will see drivers for the SANLink 2 10Gb models?

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  • Luc Charbonneau
Luc Charbonneau posted this 19 March 2021



Really need M1 Big Sur compatibility ASAP.  We have a couple of SANLink2 10 GBase-T connected to our Media Server.

R P posted this 23 November 2022

Hi Farish, Luc,

macOS Ventura now has a driver for the SANlink2 10Gbe. The SANlink Utility won't work, please use the Settings app to configure.

Luc Charbonneau posted this 13 December 2022

Hello Richard,

Thank you for this follow up. As you noticed, this post is now almost 2 years old. You have been working on a 10gbe driver for 2 years now? Do you sincerely believe that our company has been waiting all this time?

We have found another solution to be able to take advantage of 10gbe and it is certainly not with the so-called best company “Promise”.

I am sorry, I can't buy any product from you anytime soon.