Lose connection time to time

  • Last Post 17 July 2020
Tianshu Chu posted this 16 July 2020


I have a Pegasus2 R6, connected to iMAC pro with Windows10. Of cause there is an Apple thunderbolt 3 to 2 converter in between.


Time to time, the disk array will not be visible in the Windows10. While the thunderbolt link LED on the Pegasus2 R6 still keep blue. After re-start the computer, the disk array may visible. Sometimes, I need to re-start the computer several times to get the disk array visible.

What I have done,

  • Update the iMAC windows driver from latest Apple bootcamp.
  • Upgrade the firmware of Pegasus2 R6 to the latest.
  • Upgrade the Pegasus2 Series Driver for Windows to the latest.


But the issue is still there. Anyone has some idea?



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Ranjith kumar posted this 17 July 2020

Hi Tianshu,

-Is that possible to check the Pegasus with MaC OS system to verify the issue?

-Kindly let us know about Pegasus driver version which installed for your Windows Bootcamp.

Kindly reach us through support.promise.com for quick response.


Promise Team

Tianshu Chu posted this 17 July 2020

Thank you. 

- The pegasus driver version is "R_WinDrv_Installer_V6.2.0.11". The firmwave version is 5.04.0000.64

- in the Pegasus Utility runtime event, there are some message "Power saving mode of the array is changed to STANDBY." not sure if the power saving is related with the issue. I have not find a way to disable the power saving mode.

- Most of my work is done under Windows. I may take the weekend to check the pegasus status under Mac OS. Not sure it is long enough, sometimes it could be ok for several days while sometimes the issue could happen several times in one day.