Long thunderbolt cable for Pegasus 32

  • Last Post 20 November 2023
Karen Savage posted this 19 November 2023

I'd like to place my Pegasus 32 R8 farther away from my iMac Pro than the 0.5 meter cable allows.

I bought an active 2 meter cable, but the Pegasus wouldn't connect  [power button red instead of blue].

When I re-installed the 0.5 meter cable, everything was all right again.

The reason I want to move the Pegasus 32 R8 farther away has to do with the constant noise from the unit. At some point in the future, I plan on building an acoustic enclosure (with proper ventilation) to reduce the noise even further.

Are there any cables that work with the Pegasus 32 R8 that are longer than 0.5 meters?

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Karen Savage posted this 20 November 2023

The 2 meter active Thunderbolt-3/-4 cable I purchased was from the Apple online store. The cable is made by Belkin. I'll be able to use it some time in the future, as technology progresses.

It's my hope that someone on this forum will be able to say that XYZ-cable works well for them.

Karen Savage posted this 19 November 2023

Those are not Thunderbolt-3 (or thunderbolt-4) cables, they are Thunderbolt-1 or -2 cables that only do 10Gb/s, not 40Gb/s.

Also, the cables you showed have Mini Display Port connectors, which are physically different from the USB-C connectors used by Thunderbolt-3 -4 -5.

I had already been to the Promise store before posting my initial post, and saw that their offerings were not what I'm looking for.

But thank you for your reply.

R P posted this 19 November 2023

Hi Karen,

The cable linked to is a Thunderbolt 1 cable and the connector is not the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C connector.

There have been some compatibility issues with the OWC 2 meter cable, if this is what you got, it probably won't work.

You can find many TB3 cables on Amazon, but perhaps the best place to look would be the Apple store.