Legacy Pegasus 1 R4 Physical disk is marked as DEAD | MacOS High Sierra

  • Last Post 21 February 2019
Niels Leenders posted this 21 February 2019

Dear reader, I'm using my Legacy Pegasus 1 R4 in combination with a Macbook Pro for photo storage and backup. I'm not accessing the drive a lot and so it was quit a surprise that after upgrading to MacOS Mojave there was no Pegasus drive showing anymore. This is when I realized that the drivers and utility software had not been updated lately. Actually, I even came to know that the legacy Pegasus 1 did not work anymore with Mojave. I had to empty my Macbook and reboot completely to the oldest operting system and now I'm able again to acces the Pegasus 1 R4. However, after updating all drivers, utility software en flashing the software on the Pegasus, 1 physical drive shows DEAD. What to do now? Do I risk losing all my data if another one is DEAD? Can I still replace this physical drive, in other words, are there still drive's available online?  

P B posted this 21 February 2019

Please open a case @ https://support.promise.com

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