Is the original silver Pegasus R6 compatible with macOS Monterey?

  • Last Post 10 May 2022
Zachary Kramer posted this 22 December 2021

I've been running it sucessfully under Big Sur, but I am having all sorts of other issues with audio drivers that are requiring me to update to Monterey.  I am curious if anyone has sucessfully used the Pegasus R6 with Monterey?

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Steven Blatter posted this 17 January 2022

I have the same question, I trying to use my Pegasus R6 on my new Macbook Pro M1pro via the Apple's Thunderbolt adatper.

Zachary Kramer posted this 17 January 2022

I updated my Mac Pro, and was able to get it all working.  Promise utility runs, at least on intel.  Seems like it would hopefully work on M1 as well.

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Chakravarthy Cuddapah posted this 17 January 2022

Works fine on Intel Mac running Monterey with Apple's Thunderbolt Adapter. 

Didn't work with first M1 MBP even with reduced security.

Didn't work with latest and greatest M1 Max. 

Christopher Forbes posted this 10 May 2022

Yes. It works beautifully. I had a 2013 Mac Pro running with a Pegasus R6. Then I upgraded to a Mac Studio this year as well as a Pegasus3. I have both attached now transferring files (the R6 is using a thunderbolt adapter). To get the M1 Mac Studio to see the R6 I followed these steps:


Hope that helps!