Is R4i ready for Monterey on Mac Pro?

  • Last Post 09 February 2022
Igor Ferigutti posted this 31 October 2021


It seems that R4i is not ready for Mac OS 12 when checking the download centre page. Can you please confirm? When can I upgrade my Mac Pro 2019 to Monterey?

Thank you, Igor

Pegasus R4i Driver for Mac

SR3.4.14 only support MacOS 11.0 or above. Don’t install on MacOS 10.xx

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R P posted this 02 November 2021

Hi Igor,

The inbox driver (6.2.13) with Intel Monterey works fine with the R4i.

Roger Fowler posted this 29 January 2022

Hi R P,

You said  "…the inbox driver (6.2.13) with Intel Monterey works fine with the R4i."


Do you know if the same holds true for the Pegasus32 R4 as well as the Pegasus R4i please ?

I want to run Monterey on a 2018 MBP connected to the R4 via TB3.

Firmware level is currently 6.04.00000.44, Promise Utility at 4.04.0000.46 (C01) - both latest, I believe.

Many thanks, Roger


R P posted this 31 January 2022

Hi Roger,

I've had a Pegasus Pro, a Pegasus3 R8 and often a Pegasus32 attached to my new Mac Pro and everything works as expected. This is with the inbox driver.

Roger Fowler posted this 09 February 2022

Thanks for your advice RP - appreciate your reply.

All is working fine using the in-box driver and I'm up and running Monterey 12.2 with no problems at all.