Is it a bad idea to convert logical drive to APFS ?

  • Last Post 31 December 2018
Tommy Svensson posted this 23 December 2018

Mac OS have in more recent OS upgrades stopped supporting multiple logical volumes. DiskUtil won't even start if ther is more than one logical volume. I used to have a volume for  Time Machine but when that were no longer possible I had to buy external HD for backups. 

I have now determined that APFS seems to have build in support for volumes. So I wonder if it is safe to convert my 10TB fat volume to APFS, or if that is a really bad idea. 

Is there anyone using APFS on their Pegasus ?

Thanks / Tommy

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Ranjith kumar posted this 30 December 2018

Hi Tommy,

You can format the Pegasus volume with APFS format after taking the backup because

Pegasus does not have file system.





Tommy Svensson posted this 31 December 2018

Yes, of course it doesn't ! :-). I was apparently tired when I asked this :-).

Thanks for the reply.