Is it a bad idea to convert logical drive to APFS ?

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Tommy Svensson posted this 5 weeks ago

Mac OS have in more recent OS upgrades stopped supporting multiple logical volumes. DiskUtil won't even start if ther is more than one logical volume. I used to have a volume for  Time Machine but when that were no longer possible I had to buy external HD for backups. 

I have now determined that APFS seems to have build in support for volumes. So I wonder if it is safe to convert my 10TB fat volume to APFS, or if that is a really bad idea. 

Is there anyone using APFS on their Pegasus ?

Thanks / Tommy

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Ranjith kumar posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Tommy,

You can format the Pegasus volume with APFS format after taking the backup because

Pegasus does not have file system.





Tommy Svensson posted this 3 weeks ago

Yes, of course it doesn't ! :-). I was apparently tired when I asked this :-).

Thanks for the reply.