Is R4i Big Sur ready on Mac Pro?

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Igor Ferigutti posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi All,

I am using a Mac Pro (2019) with a Pegasus R4i revision A1 running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H15) and I am considering to upgrade to Big Sur.

The Product Main Page still says “Fine-tuned for Mac Pro & macOS Catalina”.

And I cannot find any reference to Big Sur in the Download section.

Can anyone confirm that Firmware 6.04.0000.37 / Utility 4.04.0000.42 are Big Sur ready?

If yes, any known limitations?

Thank you, Igor

Ranjith kumar posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Igor,

Big Sur compatibility testing is being on process, once we complete, we will

update on our website

Thank you for your patience.


Promise Team