iPhone app constantly crashing, stuck uploading

  • Last Post 12 September 2019
József Balogh posted this 11 September 2019

Greetings. I was hoping my first discussion here would be of a more positive note.

So I have recently purchased the Apollo Cloud 2 Duo 4TB device. The installation and preparation was extremely easy. Problems have arisen when I started uploading photos from my iPhone X though. I selected the photos in bulks, but unfortunately the application started crashing heavily during upload. A part of my camera roll has been uploaded, but now whenever I'm able to access the app (roughly 90% of the time I launch the app it crashes immediately), it's in the process of uploading the same photos over and over again after each crash, so no progress being made whatsoever. I'm now completely unable to access the app, as it just crashes and even when it's stable for 30 seconds or so, I check the process and it's uploading the same photos, even though a previous "stable period" already progressed further. I can't even cancel the upload, I don't even have the time before it crashes again.

Any suggestions on what can be done? Is there anything possible at all, or should I consider a complete refund at this point?

Ranjith kumar posted this 12 September 2019

Hi Jozsef,

-Have you checked with uninstall and reinstall the Apollo cloud utility ?

KIndly create a web support case id at support.promise.com to help you on this issue.

Thank you,


Promise Team