Installation/Utility Pegasus3 R4 OSX 10.14.2

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Manfred Barth posted this 21 January 2019


To install the pagasus3 R4, the Product Manual doesn't mention to install a driver – only to install the utility (from the drive).

So I have conected the drive (like mentioned in teh manual) – it's naow visible and accessible. Instead of the utility on the drive (R_Promise_Utility_402000012) I've installed the newer version from the download-section (R_Promise_Utility_402000021_1013_1014).

When starting the Promise Utility there appeares no drive in teh Utility - see scrennshot.

Or do I need the OSX-driver from 2017 (??) – I've thougt (reading your latest release note), there is a MAC in-box driver wich is embedded (V 6.2.1)...

So what's right, whats wrong ;-)

Thanks for your help




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arunkumar b posted this 24 January 2019

Hi Manfred,

Pegasus3 should require Pegasus3 Mac Driver (6.2.9).If the driver is not installed ,you need to install the driver on your Mac.

If you still find any issue after installing the driver,please open support case in and attach the Mac system report in the case in order to assist you better.

Attach the Mac system profiler, Click Apple Icon > About this Mac > More info > System Report > Choose 'File' & 'Save'



arunkumar b posted this 24 January 2019

Please find the below link for Pegasus3 Series Driver for Mac.



Manfred Barth posted this 24 January 2019

Hi Arun,


thanks for your reply. I isntalled the driver two days ago. But there are other problems preventing the promise utility to see the pegasus3 – even the terminal-command promiseutil doesnt work when the dirve is connected.

I'm in contact with your support and gave them a lot of reports from my macbook pro - console, crash reports. But the only hint's I've got is to deinstall (which means to delete) the software and the driver.

Maybe it's a apache problem, because it seems that my macbook has problems to connect to – already chanded the 8080 to 8880 - but this doesn't help. BUT when connecting via Safari lead me towebpamPRO-loginscreen.

Wit anothter mac mini the dirve is acessable via promise utility.

Perhaps you have an idea for your coolegaues ;-)




Manfred Barth posted this 24 January 2019

... led me to webpamPro-loginscreen... one blanc missing ;-) 

Manfred Barth posted this 24 January 2019

Hi Aron,

just to keep you and other customers up to date.

There seems to be no solution from promise technology :-(.

"Thank you for sending us the data. We do see that there are issues on the connectivity of the application to the server on the mac in question. There are no issues with the driver as the volume is getting mounted and is accessible. So it appears to have issues on the operating system level. You can try checking for any pending updates on MAC and check it."

That's not what I hoped to hear from your support.

FIRST: It is NOT necessary to use the driver PromiseSTEX.kext to mount and access the drive.

SECOND: The problem is between the application and your apache-server i think– that has nothing to do with OS X-issues.

THIRD: It is very comfortable for promise technology to say: ahh, that's a problem of Apple and not us.

For me as a customer, it is the otters way round. My macbook is working flawless – with every SW from video editing to doing layouts with indesign. I expect from promise technology, the you are able to provide a software which it makes ALL customers able, to manage pegasus-hardware. I'm not the only one with this problem. Searching i.e Apple-Forums, you will find several customers over the last years wich had this problem.

FORTH: Finally it is a HTML-frontend you are using. What about webcam Pro? I can access the drive via http – is ist possible to login here and manage the drive?

Sorry, but I'm deeply disappointed...