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doctor38 doctor38 posted this 11 April 2023


Hello. Purpose: to create a cluster of 2 servers. 1 server running virtual machines. 2 empty. Allocation of LUNs is done. How do I delete one lun from 2 servers. and after creating a cluster, add it back? You need to delete lun because there are all virtual machines. And when creating a cluster, I need to format all arrays.


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doctor38 doctor38 posted this 11 April 2023

R P posted this 11 April 2023


It is not clear exactly what you are trying to do.

But the only purpose of deleting then recreating a LUN that I can see is to erase it. There is a simpler way to erase a LUN, give it a full or quick init. A full init will zero out the entire LUN but may take awhile to run. A quick init will zero out the beginning of the LUN, which will erase the boot block, filesystem and any partitions in a matter of seconds.

The init function can be found in System > Administration > Background Activities > Initialization (Start)

You can select the Quick Initialization for most things.

Be advised that you may need to reboot the client computer (ESXi server?) to clear any cached information about the LUN. A rescan is good at picking up new or deleted LUNs but not very good at recognizing when something about a LUN has changed.

Then you will have to create a VMfs on the LUNs again.