Increased Capacity

  • Last Post 26 July 2020
Charles Richards posted this 26 July 2020


I currently use a Pegasus 2 R6 on a mac pro with thunderbolt 3

and are considering getting a Pegasus 3 R6 to increase capacity



I have the following questions we hope you can help:


Will the Pegasus 3 will work on this Mac Pro  (thunderbolt 3) and will I be able to daisychain the Pegasus 2 drive ( with an adaptor ) from it to benefit from the increased capacity


I understand I need to install a new drive and utility for the Pegasus 3?

We cannot use the utility/drive we use on our current Pegasus 2, is that right?


Is there a possibility of conflict in terms of drives?


Thanks for your help

Charlie Richards

Ranjith kumar posted this 26 July 2020

HI charle,

1.Yes, Pegasus3 will work with Thunderbolt3 port Mac Pro.

2.Yes, using Thunderbolt3 to Thunderbolt2 adapter, you can daisy chain with Pegasus2.

3.No need to install Promise utility separately for Pegasus3, you can use existing utility for Pegasus3.

Note: Install the Promise utility as per your Mac OS version for poper function from our website.

Kindly reach us through if you have any other query or issue.

Thank you,


Promise Team