iMac Pro and Pegasus2 with Apple Thunderbolt adapter

  • Last Post 02 September 2018
Marcos Sebastian posted this 31 August 2018


We recently purchased an iMac Pro with a Pegasus3 R4 - 12TB.

When editing in FCX and encoding using Compressor, there are no problems at all. The system is stable as a rock.

Problem arises when we connect any Pegasus2 R4 or R6 with Apple Thunderbold 2 to 3 adapter. The system reboots / locks up or does not finish the job when "outputing" to Pegasus2 drives.

The way we configured FCX is the Pegasus3 drive has the original video file and we output all masters, MP3, etc. files to the Pegasus2.

Originally I thought the problem was the Pegasus2 drive and connected another one with same results (systems reboots). Then I thought the problem was the Apple Thunderbold adaptor and purchased a new one but still same problems.

Then I upgraded all drives (Pegasus2 and 3) to the latest firmwares. Still same problem.

If I remove the Pegasus2 drives, all jobs are finished without any issues.

Any suggestions / advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


iMac Pro w/ MacOS 10.13.6

Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 02 September 2018

Hi Marcos,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Could you please try with a different thunderbolt cable and different thunderbolt port to see if the issue still persists. If you still have issues, kindly go to to register the product and create a support ticket for further invesitigation.

Pradeep C