I'd like to upgrade whole disks let me know what shall I do? Pegasus32 R6

  • Last Post 03 November 2020
Chris Jeon posted this 03 November 2020

I am using the pegasus 32 r6 24TB model. Today I purchased six 12T disks to increase the capacity due to insufficient capacity, but I wonder if there is a way to replace the existing disk with a new disk without separately backing up the existing data.

R P posted this 03 November 2020

Hi Chris,

It is possible to rebuild to the larger disks and expand the LUN from the Pegasus side via migration.

The problem is on the macOS side. The hfs+ disk label in macOS includes the size of the disk and Disk Utiliy won't allow you to grow a partition larger than the original disk label size.

If you have a 200GB disk and a 100GB partition with the rest unused, you can use disk utility to expand the partition to 150GB or 200GB, but if you increase the LUN to 300GB then DIsk Utility still won't allow you to expand to more than 200GB.

With Windows this is easy, expand the LUN, rescan the disks and expand the partition into the unused space. But with macOS, as far as I know it can't be done.

There have been many posts here about this in the past, many have links to web pages about this issue, but I've not seen anyone reporting success.