How to switch to RAID0?

  • Last Post 20 July 2021
jogh mone posted this 19 July 2021


Got my new Pegasus32 R4 16T(12 to be exact). It's RAID5. How do I switch to RAID0?

Tried every option in Promise Utility - nothing.

Tried Mac Disc Utility RAID assistant - nothing. 


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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 20 July 2021

Hi Jogh,

You have to delete and recreate the Disk Array & Logical Drive to change the RAID setup. You can use the below instructions.

How to delete a disk array: 

Note: Deleting the array will delete the logical drive as well. If you have any data on the unit, it will be deleted, so please back up all your data before deleting the array.


1) Open Promise utility and click the padlock on the left bottom corner to unlock the utility. 

2) Click on the Disk Array Tab and click the Delete button.

3) In the Confirmation box, type the word “confirm” in the field provided and click the Confirm button.


How to create disk array: 

1. Click on the Disk Array Tab and click the Create Disk Array button.

2. Leave the defaults options selected.

3. In the Select Physical Drives diagram, click the drives to add them to your array. The drive carriers turn blue when you click them. 

4. Once selected, click Submit and then click on the Finish tab to complete the Process.


To create a logical drive manually: 

1. Click on the Logical Drive Tab and click the Create Logical Drive button.

2. Click the radio button of the disk array you want to use and click the Next button

3. In the available options, please choose the RAID Level you want to configure.

4. Leave the other defaults options selected.

5. Click the Add button, the new logical drive appears on the list at the right side of the Utility.

6. When you are finished, click the Submit button


Thanks !

jogh mone posted this 20 July 2021

 Done! Thank you.