How to reset admin password for vess r2000is

  • Last Post 21 December 2020
Arnold Shin posted this 18 December 2020

Hi, evetyone.

I lost admin password for vess r2000is.

How can I reset admi password for vess r2000is ?

Regards, Arnold.

R P posted this 21 December 2020

Hi Arnold,

You need to use the password reset OPAS.


Password Reset for the Vess R2600 (01/15/2015)

Updated 4/4/16, the filename needs to start with a capital OPAS or it will not work.

The file, can be downloaded from...

EDIT: If the link above does not work try this. Download the zip, not the contents.

1. Put the attached OPAS zip file in a USB flash drive (USB flash must be FAT or FAT32) top folder,
    do NOT unzip the OPAS file.
2. Insert USB flash drive into front panel first USB slot.
3. After insert USB flash drive, the buzzer will sound.
4. When the buzzer stops, VR2K password has been reset.
5. Remove USB flash drive.

Warning: all other user accounts will be removed, this OPAS does a factorydefaults on the user accounts