How to convert Promise Pegasus2 R4 Mac edition (MacOS journaled) in Win Edition (NTFS)

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Matteo Mazzetti posted this 05 November 2020

Hi i need to convert my pegasus2 R4 format ed in Mac OS journaled with raid 5 in NTFS with raid 5 for use it in a window machine with usb-c / tunderbolt 2 adapter .... is possibile? There is one guide step by step for delete raid 5 in OS X version reformat all HD in NTFS with promise Utility and remake raid 5 in a win partition?

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R P posted this 05 November 2020

Hi Matteo,

We do not have a Knowledge Base article for this, but I can give you a quick rundown of the steps.

1. Backup all the files on the Pegasus you want to save.

2. On the MAC do a quick init on the Pegasus logical drive. The CLI command should be...

init -a start -q1024 -l0

Warning: This will delete the macOS partiition and all data on the disk.

3. Make sure that the Windows Thunderbolt HBA is connected and shows as working in Windows Device Manager.

4, Install both the latest Pegasus 2 Windows driver and Windows Promise Utility. Reboots will be required.

5. Connect the Pegasus 2 to the Windows computer.

6. If Windows 10 is used it will ask you how to handle TB disk devices, tell it to connect every time.

7. Open the Windows Disk Manager. You should see an unformatted disk of the size of the LUN. If a Server Windows is used you'll have to manually online the disk.

8. Use Disk Manager to initialize the disk, then put an NTFS filesytem on the disk.

Note, unlike with the MAC, you won't get a desktop icon, but the LUN will get a drive letter and you can access it via the file manager.

Matteo Mazzetti posted this 06 November 2020

Thank .... i habe see This guide

are the same procedures that I have to do but on the contrary ... in the last step when i need format the drive 

4. In the Format dialogue, type the desired Volume Name.
5. Partition Type = GPTFormat
6. Format Type = Journaled HFS+
7. Click on Format

what partition tipe i can choose for format drive in NTFS?



R P posted this 06 November 2020

Hi Matteo,

The KB you posted the link for is the opposite of what you want to do. The KB is about creating an HFS+ filesystem on an NTFS formatted Pegasus. You want to create a NTFS filesystem on an HFS+ formatted Pegasus. Do not use this procedure.

If you only see an HFS+ option, then you are trying to format the drive from the MAC. If you want NTFS you need to format the drive from the Windows machine.

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Matteo Mazzetti posted this 06 November 2020

I have make it thanks 😉 .... i have use Utility disco and formated promise in exFAT .... now work perfectly in win os and Mac OS .... fabulous 🥳

and i don't have need ti delete and remake the raid 5 wow