How much power does the power supply cable of J2i suppl?

  • Last Post 22 February 2020
Hristo Atanasov posted this 21 February 2020

Can you tell how much power does the power connector supply. I searched and couldn't find any specifications and I need it to figure out what disks can be attached in order to customise it.

William V Hale posted this 22 February 2020

Some of the tables below provide the maximum wattage supported by a power cable and its associated power connector. Some specifications clearly spell out the maximum allowed wattage. Other specifications just provide the suggested connector and wire gauge and never specify a maximum wattage. And there's never really an absolute value to the maximum wattage anyway. If you draw a little more wattage then the maximum, the hardware doesn't immediately burst into flames. The voltage drop and power dissipation increase as you increase the current so there isn't a clear maximum wattage at which it stops working. Most of the specifications which spell out the maximum wattage provide a wide safety margin by defining a value which is far below the maximums supported by the connector and wire.