How do I invite another person to use my Apollo Drive?

  • Last Post 18 January 2018
Jerry Nelson posted this 18 January 2018

I sent the invitation to my sister to use my Apollo Drive, she clicked on the link to Join and it didn't do anything. Then it said to create an account, but HOW DOES SHE CONNECT TO MY DRIVE?????

Venkatachalam Settu posted this 18 January 2018


You have create a member and invite them using a link. The link would ask a member to download and install the application then create a user account for accessing the Apollo.

The Apollo owner can manage how much storage capacity Apollo members are allowed to use. By default, no storage capacity quota is set for any member. Storage quotas are set using either the App or Apollo Utility. Quotas go into effect as soon as they are created.

To set a member storage quota with the App, go to the Members list, choose the member you want to adjust and touch Max Capacity to see the quota menu. Choose the quota to set from the list and touch OK. The quota becomes effective immediately.

Thank you.!