How do I delete all Time Machine files from my Apollo Cloud 2 Duo?

  • Last Post 23 May 2019
Kirk Peterson posted this 17 May 2019



I am using an Apollo Cloud 2 Duo and it is currently backing up three Apple Mac computers via Time Machine. I don't like Time Machine and I want to stop using it.


I know how to turn Time Machine off in macOS's system preferences, but I also want to delete the actual ".sparsebundle" files AND the "Apollo_TimeMachine" folder from the Apollo drive.


Is this possible? If so, I cannot see how. Using the Mac's Finder, if I right-click on the ".sparsebundle" file and delete it, I get a window that says "Deleting 0 items" and it just never goes away and never deletes the file. Alternatively, using the Apollo Cloud app, the "Apollo_TimeMachine" folder and the ".sparsebundle" files within that folder do not appear in the files listing.


How do I get rid of those files and the folder?


Any help would be appreciated!


Thank you!



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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 23 May 2019

Hi Kirk,

Please let us know if you have any other data in the Apollo apart from Time Machine files.

If no, you can reset the Apollo to factory defaults and then you can start from the scratch. This will help to remove all the 3 Sparsebundle files from the Apollo. You can then claim it and use it.

If you do not want to reset the Apollo, then you can use the following link from Apple to delete the Sparsebundle .


Kirk Peterson posted this 23 May 2019


I eventually just copied all of my data off the Apollo (expect the Time Machine files, of course) and went ahead and reset the Apollo then copied my data back.

Annoying solution, but it worked.

Thank you.