How can I access / mount disk from my Promise Pegasus2 on Linux?

  • Last Post 14 December 2020
Koen Roossen posted this 09 December 2020

I'd like to know how can I access / mount disks from my Promise Pegasus2 R6 on Linux?

I have an issue with multiple disks with errors, most are still readable, but 3 of them have bad blocks.

Can I access the disks using the software-RAID tool 'mdadm', or do I need special software/hardware to access the data without the Pegasus device itself?

R P posted this 14 December 2020

Hi Koen,

The STEX driver has been a standard part of the linux kernel for quite a while. Perhaps you can manually load it?

# insmod stex.ko

Which linux distro are you running?

EDIT: Actually a bigger problem is the Thunderbolt connection. AFAIK, there are no Thunderbolt HBAs available, so unless your motherboard has a Thunderbolt port and Linux drivers for it, loading the stex driver will do no good.

Also, the RAID is with the Promise raidcore, it is not Linux raid, so mdadm will not work.