Help with firmware link

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Björn Terring posted this 5 weeks ago

Hi. Can someone prowide a download link to the latest Firmware for my R8 unit please. When i download the image from the download center i get an error message when I try and update. Updating from the online option does not work. The same firmware file that i have did wok on my R6 unit but not on my R8. 

This is the file i have: R SI 504000064.img

R P posted this 5 weeks ago

Hi Björn,

Both Pegasus units have the latest firmware.

I would suggest not using the Pegasus Pro Utility with a Pegasus 2, the Pegasus Pro is a different kind of storage and I'm pretty sure it's Utility won't be able to do a firmware update on a Pegasus 2, and there may be other compatibility issues.

Please use the Pegasus32 utility.

Also note that the Pegasus2 is long EOL. You have the latest firmware and it's unlikely to be updated further.

I will look into why the Pegasus Pro Utility indicates that there is a firmware update for the Pegasus2.