HELP! - R6 is not mounting anymore - Disk Array degraded

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Paul Seelmann posted this 16 July 2018


After crashing of a Photo Programm which which handeld files on my R6 I rebooted my iMac and ever since the R6 will not mount anymore. 

The hard drives alls show both LEDs in solid blue, except for the third which has only the first, and the second is unlit. If you look at the screenshot the third in the list is also missing.

I don't know not too much about the utility but first it opened normally, until it also crashed when starting it or weird behavior like starting normally with no errors but not displaying a window... I finally ereased it and reinstalled and now I could at least get it running again to make some screenshots and export a subsystem info report(attached)


Ignore the 6th HD, it has been long dead, and never got around to change it, ..the object interest is the missing third!





.. and a few minutes later it "has no data available" again.


Anyways.. I am really worried about data loss, since this is my backup drive

Please let me know if you have a solution, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!!


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Richard Oettinger posted this 17 July 2018

The Disk Array uses all six of the PD in the Pegasus - "No. 0" through "No. 5", and the Logical Drive is created on that array - which is why it is 10TB.  So none of the drives are "empty", the data will be "striped" across them with parity data to allow drive failure recovery - one drive, not two.

Since drive 6 was lost a while back, the second failure of drive 3 put your Logical Drive offline as there are now too many drives missing. The only way to get the LD back online would be to restore drive 3 - either via data recovery or cloning it yourself, then rebuild drive 6 with a replacement...

Paul Seelmann posted this 16 July 2018


Thanks for your reply!

What do you mean by "recover"? send it to a data recovery company? or are there other ways ..? 

the 6th HD btw is pretty much empty, I copied a corrupted file once and then never used it again.. so I could completely wipe it seperately if nescessary? no harm done?

Richard Oettinger posted this 16 July 2018


"Ignore the 6th HD, it has been long dead, and never got around to change it" You should not have ignored that bad drive, it is part of your RAID 5 array, sequence no. 5, and when drive 3 died - sequence no. 2 - that gave you two missing drives of your RAID 5 - so it shows as "Offline".

You have to recover drive 3 to get the Logical Drive back online and access your data...