Free up space/delete files on 3TB R4

  • Last Post 15 October 2018
Neil West posted this 27 September 2018

R4 used as file server for Mac network.

Deleted umpteen GB of files from R4 via Mac. The files have visually disappeared but the available storage space hasn't changed. How do I 'empty the trash' on the R4 to regain the space?

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PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 15 October 2018

Hi Neil,

The Pegasus is a block storage device, it appears to the Windows instance or macOS instance as a range of blocks, exactly the same as the boot disk. The OS places a filesystem on the block storage and the OS manages everything that happens to the filesystem. The Pegasus has no knowledge of files, folders or even the filesystem. The OS says read LBA 1231234 and the Pegasus tells the OS the content of that block. The OS says to write this data to LBA 4123123 and the Pegasus writes that data to that block. This is what block storage does. This is all that block storage does.

To restate this, this is an OS issue, not a Pegasus issue.

There are many MAC users asking similar questions.

This apple forum suggests rebuilding the spotlight index.

There seem to be many potential root causes for this issue and from the comments some solutions work for some but not for others.

Neil West posted this 06 October 2018

Any other suggestions Promise?

My RAID is slowly filling up and deleting files via a networked machine doesn't free disk space even though the files themselves appear to have gone.

Emptying the trash on the network machine didn't make any difference as the files weren't on that machine anyway.

Neil West posted this 28 September 2018

Hmmm, not sure about that. As far as I'm aware, emptying the trash on a network machine doesn't affect the network attached storage (sorry, I may not have made it clear that the R4 is attached to a Mac, but I've deleted files via another Mac on the network). I have emptied the trash on the network Mac and the one attached to the R4 but it hasn't made any difference to the amount of space available.

PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 27 September 2018

Hi Neil,

Normally empting the trash should also empty the trash on all attached storage as well. But if this is not working there may be a permissons problem or some locked files or some other reason why the trash won't empty.

But you can always manually empty the trash by using the terminal. This web-page shows you how.