Firmware Update (Bios to (Bios Promise4.04.000.39 (C04)

  • Last Post 09 March 2020
Steve Hart posted this 06 March 2020

I have a Pegasus R6 and somehow it updated to firmware Bios which is not compatible with my unit. I have tried to manually upgrade (downgrade) to Bios, but everytime I try I get an error issue. How can I replace the with Thanks in advance!

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 09 March 2020

Hi Steve,

I am not sure if you can downgrade the firmware. You can try it in Terminal but not sure if that would work.

Open MAC terminal and then type promiseutil. Then type ptiflash -f (drag&drop the firmware file) and hit return. 

Since you have mentioned that current firmware doesnt work, let us know what is the issue, and create a case at we will help you .

Thanks !