Firmware Update (Bios fails Pegasus R6 from (Bios Promise4.04.000.37 (C04)

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Alexander Hafemann posted this 13 December 2019


i just upgarded to the Promise Util (C04) on my Mac Pro running the newest Mac OS Catalina. It showed up that there is a new Firmware (Bios available. The installed Firmware on the Pegasus R6 is Bios The Firmware Donload works without problem. Also Installing the Firmware seems to work as it finishes normally and tells that I have to restart - power off the pegasus R6 to finish.

After restarting the Pegasus R6 it seems that the Firmware didn´t upgarde to Bios stayed at Bios and the Promise Util shows again "Firmware Update availabe Bios

I now instlled the Firmware up date 3 times... everything works fine BUT the upgrade never happened. Even showing all the time Upgrade complete, please recyle / power off the Pegasus... it`s like a loop as it seems the firmware doesn`t install on the Pegasus R6---

Any help here? can I download the new firmware manually? What am I doing wront... with the newer Pegasus2 R6 i also have, I don`t have this problem. Worked fine.

Are ther big changes in Bios to Bios ?? Would be great to get a solution as I maintain the Pegasus Raids always to the newest releases.

Thank for your help.

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Ranjith kumar posted this 15 December 2019

Hi Alexander,

The firmware version is not compatible for Pegasus R6, it's for Pegasus2 R6
which you have updated successfully. So please avoid the firmware update for
Pegasus R6, the last firmware version for this unit is

Since both Pegasus and Pegasus2 are legacy unit, so there is no any update further.

Both of your units are running on latest firmware only, depends on their model.

Thank you,


Promise Team


Alexander Hafemann posted this 16 December 2019

Thanks for your response, good to know that is that lates formware for the Pegasus R6. As you wrote i have the Pegasus2 R6 (and several Pegasus R3 - in the company) ... and they all updated flawlesslywithout any problems.


BUT since I upgarded my home Mac Pro (late 2013) to the newer Promise Util (C04) --> the "Updates are available" ---> for the Pegasus R6 (1st Gen) <-- shows up everytime i start Promise Util. That didn`t happen before. So maybe a Bug in detecting the old Promise R6 in the Promise Util tool. I always have to click "Not now" as Promis Util thinks there is an even for the old Pegasus R6. It`s kind of a loop. It even tries to install the *.62 on the old Pegasus R6, but didn*t work (ok no prob as you said *.61 ist the latest)... So i guess its a Promise Util (C04) problem / bug.

Can´t wait btw for the MPX Module for the new Mac Pro... Hope this arrives before christmas :-) thanks for your help in my question!

Matthias Zepf posted this 27 January 2020

We have 2 Pegasus (1) R6 and see the same message on startup of the Promise Util, that there is a Firmware update ( The installation process does not show any errors but in the end the firmware is not installed. So I guess, 5.04.0000.64 also is not for Pegasus (1). It would be really nice to get a fixed Promise Util some day. Thanks.

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Pieter Pretorius posted this 22 February 2020

I have a Pegasus 6. I also get the message to update to 5.04.0000.64, but after reboot it is till stuck at 5.04.0000.61. 

How do I fix this?

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Harker Miley posted this 28 April 2020

I'll pile on as I'm in the same boat. Thought it was just me.


Jon Spurney posted this 14 June 2022

Same problem here.  If there are no further firmware upgrades for R6 please fix the bug in the Promise Utility that says there is one available.