File missing from Apollo Cloud 2 Duo

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Rick Saville posted this 5 weeks ago

We are using an Apollo Cloud 2 Duo as our office server, and one of the files isn't showing. When we go back into the programme we're using and try to save a file with the same name we get a prompt asking if we want to overwrite the file as one with the same name already exists, however the file isn't showing on either the Apollo utility or file browsers on both Mac OS X and Windows 10.

Is it possible to get the file to appear again? Or is it possible to restore a single file from a backup that we did to a USB hard drive? So far I understand that only an entire restore can be done, not just a single file.

Your earliest help would be appreciated.

Wendy Wei posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Rick,

Sorry to reply late.  Your request was sent to "General Discussion" instead of Apollo Cloud category.  For fast service, please go to our eSupport at, and you should receive our technical support's reply within 24 hours.

Please use the above link since we might need more information from you.

Thank you.