FastTrack SX4300 RAID Controller

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Vitaly Valenkevich posted this 12 February 2020


We are thinking of buying new hard drives for our file server based on the Intel S5000VSA motherboard with one FastTrack SX4300 RAID Controller (SX4300: BIOS Version, Driver Version: managing three Samsung HD501LJ 500GB HDDs. The RAID controller has 4 SATA ports.

My question is:

Does the FastTrack SX4300 RAID Controller support hard drives with capacity of 1TB? If so, will it be possible to create any RAID array on 4 hard drives with capacity of 1TB despite the maximum RAID volume is 3TB for the model SX4300?

Thank you!

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R P posted this 19 February 2020

Hi Vitaly,

In the days when the fastraks were designed, large disks were 250GB and there were no TB drives to test with. Some products compatibility lists have been updated, and some older products do work with larger drives, and some don't, but there is no way to tell. I have an NS2300 for example, I have (2) 2TB NAS drives in it. I experimented with a RAID0, but eventually data started to disappear. The largest raid the NS2300 was tested with was 2TB, so I made (2) 2TB Raid0 LUNs and all has gone well after that. So if you do decide to try it, it may at first appear to work, but at some later date when you've written a lot of data, you may start having problems. But if you do decide to try it (maybe yhou have old 1TB drives unused that you'd like to put to use), it's at your own risk.

You can buy a 4TB drive pretty cleaply today, that would seem a simpler and safer alternative.

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Vitaly Valenkevich posted this 19 February 2020

Thank you so much for your reply!

We have decided not to experiment with larger capacities and ordered four 500GB HDDs. We have been using our file server since 2007 and the FastTrack SX4300 controller has proved itself to be the best!

Thanks again!