Fan always on even while asleep?

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James Culbertson posted this 01 May 2019

Is it normal for my new Pegasus3 R6 24TB to always have its fan on even after being asleep overnight? The fan is on pretty low, but I don't recall either of my Pegasus2 R4 8TB drives ever having their fan on after being asleep awhile.

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Unto Mattila posted this 05 May 2019

I have same problem. Before it works right, went to sleep with iMac, but not any more?


Kevin Hale posted this 22 August 2020

Same.  I  upgraded from a Pegasus3 R4 to a Pagasus32 R4.  The Pegasus3 was always silent and off for sleep or shutdown, but that's not the case for this new Pegsus32.  I created a ticket for it and after numous exchanges they informed me that the big fan should turn off, but there's a smaller fan that is always running all the time.  I beleive if you shut it down/sleep via your computer, this is the case, but if you physically turn it off by pushing the button, THEN the fan turns off.

John Evans posted this 22 September 2020

Sleep mode still uses power to maintain it's state and be able to quickly respond to waking up. The fan is likely needed to keep the components at the right operating temperature. If it's too noisy you can try cleaning out the computer. Dust build up causes increased heat which triggers the fan switch. If it's always been noisy, you can probably replace the fan to a quieter one or, as stated above, start using hibernate.

Pete Dillon posted this 3 weeks ago

My new Pegasus 32 R4 does the same thing. Fan runs forever, even when the unit is off and the connected Mac is shut down. The old Pegasus 2 turns off as you'd expect.

Very dissapointing. 

Ibrahim Kuhlman posted this 2 weeks ago

I noticed on the first day after a period of heavy use that the fan stayed on when I closed the laptop and it went to sleep mykfcexperience. Just today I put the laptop in my backpack to travel for an hour and when I took it out I found the fan on full power and the laptop very hot.